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Why Expansion joints are Important for Bridges?

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Expansion joints are widely used during the construction of bridges. They are the component which is essential for the life of a bridge. Thus, they must be properly installed and maintained to function properly. The bridge expansion joints efficiently help with the movement and rotations of the superstructure of the bridge. When installed properly, only a small section of the complicated construction is visible.

The bridges face a lot of challenges and stress. To handle such mechanical stress, expansion joints are used. But this comes to the challenge of corrosion and other environmental factors which can degrade the bridge expansion joints. It can be prevented by the use of robust hot-dip galvanizing.

Numerous countries worldwide are making use of bridge expansion joints to provide adequate support and help to the bridges. Given the demand finding a reliable expansion joint manufacturer in India isn’t difficult. Given the importance of the expansion joints, you must know about the types and the factors to consider you need to know before purchasing them.

Why are bridge expansion joints important?

It is the proper installation and maintenance of the bridge which leads to failure. When the bridges do not have expansion joints installed, they lack adequate flexibility and smooth movement. Further, the structure can collapse, leading to great damage. Thus, it is essential to use bridge expansion joints during the bridge construction. Here’s why they are essential.

  • Helps a bridge in expansion and contraction based on the temperature change.
  • Offers protection that holds up the bridge
  • Help protect the concrete structures present underneath the joints
  • Use of high-quality bridge expansion can offer cost-saving results
  • Helps with the contraction and expansion due to thermal cycle
  • Protects the concrete structures from damage due to vehicle traffic
  • Helps in the natural shrinkage and concrete creep

Given the important use of expansion joints, you must make a purchase from a reputable manufacturer as this will guarantee quality and safety.

What are the types of expansion joints?

The expansion joints are widely used to hold the parts together while safely tolerating the temperature expansion and contraction of the structure. They are designed to allow continuous traffic flow between structures while efficiently accommodating shrinkage, temperature movement, and other forces. It is the expansion joints that prevent the bridges from bending out due to extreme conditions. One can now easily find a number of expansion joints for various purposes. However, there are two most essential types of expansion joints, which include.

  • Open joints

These bridge expansion joints allow the free flow of water and debris through the joint. They lead to debris build-up, which makes them an inefficient choice. Here’s the top open joint used for bridges.

Finger joints

Sliding plane joints

Butt joints

  • Close joints

These bridge expansion joints are efficient enough to prevent the movement of water and debris from penetrating inside. However, they must be designed specifically to enhance the movement and properties of the intended joint. Here’s the top close joint used for bridges.

Compression seal

Stripe seal

Poured joints

Asphalt plug joints

Reinforced elastomeric joints

Modular elastomeric joints

Important factors to consider

When using concrete as a building material, there are numerous things you need to consider. The most important of all is the weight and strength of the concrete. But besides this, there is another factor, i.e., the effect of the environment on the material. Thus, you need to consider the thermal cycles of the geographical area to ensure you choose the right expansion joint that will offer intended results.

With the changes in the season and temperature, the structure can greatly be affected. Thus, during such times when the structure expands or contracts, it can take a toll on the joint expansion system.

Besides this, the heating and cooling cycle of the structure can also lead to expansion and contraction. When the contraction is greater than the tensile strength, of the material then there is a great chance of crack. In contrast, when the expansion is restricted, then the material can crush or distort. Thus, to prevent such failures, you must ensure to fit the concrete bridges with a good material that allows for proper expansion and contraction without causing any damage to the structural integrity.

However, there are a number of options available. Thus, choosing the best one can be difficult for your requirement. You must consider all the factors as it will help you make the best decision. Further, you need to purchase a good expansion joint manufacturer in India. This will help guarantee you get quality products. Also, they can advise you about the use of the right type of expansion joint for your specific purpose.

Further, remember each of the compression joints has its specific application method and other parameters that must be followed to ensure proper application and results. It is the accurate sizing of the joints and the accurate assessment of the movement of the structure that must be considered before selecting a bridge expansion joint. Further, it is also essential to consider various other factors like manufacturers’ requirements, climatic factors, preparation plan, physical properties, and joint material limitations.

Contact a good bridge expansion, joint manufacturer.

The expansion joints will work to the best only when adequately installed and of high quality. It is the quality of the joints which guarantees smooth and efficient movement. Thus, it is essential that you contact a good bridge expansion joint manufacturer in India to make your purchase. DECG International is among the leading manufacturers who can offer you a guarantee of quality at a fair rate. We have been manufacturing components that help in the construction of bridges and other structures. We can help you get the best expansion joints that fit your requirement. The pricing of all our structures is kept at an affordable rate, meaning you need not have to worry about the cost of your purchase with us. So wait not in contact our company today to get the best bridge expansion joints.

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