Rubber Bearing

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Elastomeric Bearing/ Neoprene Bearing

We are manufacturing Elastomeric bearing as per latest IRC specifications. we can manufacture elastomeric Bearing in Neoprene or Natural Rubber up to 1100 x 800 x 300  mm. we are also manufacturer of seismic pads as per customer requirements. The shape can be square, rectangle or round, as per customer demand.

PTFE Sliding Elastomeric Bearing

They consist of a laminated Elastomeric bearing with a sheet of PTFE vulcanized or recessed in a suitable steel plate. There is a sliding plate on the top, plated with stainless steel and mating the PTFE sheet and a steel plate at the bottom, vulcanized to the Elastomeric bearing and allowing the fixation to the structure through bolts or dowels.

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