Steel Bearing

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Depending on the desired degree of freedom, horizontal loads & movement etc. POT Bearing may be of any of these
three types as follows

Fixed Type Pot Bearings : These bearings consist of a pot / piston assembly within which an Elastomeric disc is encapsulated and fitted with an anti-extrusion sealing device. Under load this encapsulated Elastomeric disc acts in a similar manner to a uncompressible confined fluid, enabling the pot and piston to rotate relative to each other. These bearings enable rotation in any direction while at the structure is constrained horizontally. The function of the pot and piston parts are for fixing and securing the bearings to the bridge structure.

Fixed Type Pot Bearing

Guided Pot Bearings

Guided Pot Bearings : Guided Sliding devices are identical in construction to free sliding bearings but are also fitted with one or more guides to limit the bearings movement to only one direction.

Free Sliding Pot Bearings : Identical in construction to the fixed bearings, these multi-directional devices are fitted with a virgin PTFE sheet in contact with an austenitic steel plate, enabling the bearing to slide in all directions

Free Sliding Pot Bearings

Spherical Bearing

Spherical bearings are designed to carry combinations of vertical loads, horizontal loads, longitudinal and transversal movements and rotations and they are used in steel and concrete road and railway bridges. The bearing is composed by steel elements coupled with PTFE surface to allow movement and rotations. One side of the internal steel plate is machined as a spherical surface to allow tilting movement (rotation) whilst on the other side a flat sliding surface is obtained to allow displacements.

Depending on whether the bearing is fixed, guided or a free sliding, spherical bearings accommodate vertical loads and corresponding horizontal forces, as well as movements in longitudinal or transversal directions. Spherical bearings are producing according to latest IRC specifications also to the clients request they can produced according other codes as well.

Fix Bearings

Free Bearings

Guided Bearings


A bearing consisting of metal pin provided with in a metal cylinder to bear and transmit horizontal force along any direction in horizontal plane and accommodating rotation movement about any axis. These bearings can not bear or transmit any vertical load


Metallic Guide Bearing transfers horizontal force and capable of allowing movement in one direction and allow rotation only about an axis perpendicular to the plane of sliding metallic Guided bearings generally do not transfer any vertical load.


The roller bearing consists of a base plate, two or more rollers and a top plate. The rocker & roller end is made by providing a saddle and knuckle plate on top of the rollers whereas the same arrangement except rollers is at the rocker end. The rocker & roller end of bearing permits translation as well as rotation, whereas the rocker end permits only rotation.

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