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 Asphaltic plug joint for movements up to 40 mm is a simple bridge expansion joint filled with asphalt. TST (crushed stone) elastic material is a special type of elastic-plastic material with high viscosity. Being heated sufficiently to melt, it can be poured into gravel and will be shaped into asphalt concrete form after molding to bear vehicle load. The most advantage of  Asphaltic plug joint is that the bridge can be opened to traffic after two hours of construction.


The Compression Seal Expansion Joint System is an extruded, neoprene rubber material. When compressed into a gap, this system provides an excellent sealing against the expansion and contraction. The Compression Seal Expansion Joint System is used for small movement up to 40mm expansion joints, in deck of parking, pre casted structures and other types of concrete structures.


The Strip Seal Expansion Joint System consists of a rubber gland, mechanically tightened between two steel edge members and provides a superior watertight proofing system. The design of the DECG Strip Seal System can easily accommodate

the high loads of vehicular traffic while effectively sealing joints in bridges and structures with very high movements up to 120mm it is to be noted that IRC recommend strip seal

joint for movement up to 80mm. DECG Strip Seal Systems can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of field configurations along with multidirectional movements.

The DECG Strip Seal has been engineered so that the elastomeric Seal can be inserted either prior to or after the securing of the steel shapes to the superstructure. Machined Steel shapes maximize Seal install ability and minimizes manufacturing tolerance.


The use of “sinus plates” reduces the noise from over-rolling traffic by up to 80 % by covering the straight transverse gap in the carriageway. The wheels of over-rolling vehicles thus maintain constant contact with the expansion
joint’s surface, eliminating the noise caused by impacts with the gap edge. The special shape of the sinus plates also enables motorcycles and bicycles to cross the joint safely. DECG expansion joints featuring sinus plates are ideal for use on bridges near residential areas or in other noise-sensitive zones.


Modular expansion joints are used when the movements of a bridge exceed the capacity of a single gap joint or a finger type joint. The individual gaps are sealed by watertight elastomeric profiles, and surface beam movements are regulated by an elastic control system. Modular multiple-gap expansion joints can accommodate movements in every direction and rotations about every axis. They can be used for longitudinal movements of as little as 160 mm, or for very large movements of well over 3000 mm.


Finger Type expansion joints used in bridge construction are an ideal component to accommodate bridge expansion and contraction while reducing the amount of noise pollution that occurs in other alternative joint types.  The primary components of the Finger Type expansion joint consist of steel plates (sliding) that are connected to each side of the road surface’s gap. Finger Joints are designed with in a (fingers of a hand) type of pattern, where the steel plates accommodate movement within one another & allow movement along the axis of the fingers themselves. Since there are no moving parts attached to the joint, cantilever moments reduce the stress induced to the structure. There is a large replaceable gutter below the joint which is made of reinforced neoprene and provides an efficient drainage system into the bridge’s ducts. The gutter also limits the build up of standing water to reduce the possibility of vehicles aquaplaning.


SLAB SEAL joint will consist of steel insert and elastomeric slab unit. This type of seal is recommended for simply supported or continuous spans, right or skew (less than 20 degree), moderately curved with maximum movement upto 50mm.

SLAB SEAL joint will consist of steel insert and elastomeric slab unit. This type of seal is recommended for simply supported or continuous spans, right or skew (less than 20 degree), moderately curved with maximum movement upto 50mm.


Indian railway having their own expansion joints made
of steel angles with loops and cover plates, we have
supplied many prestigious railway projects.

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