Kosi River Bridge

Project description –

  • The rail line for Kosi Mahasetu project was sanctioned during 2003 – 2004 and has been constructed at a cost of Rs 516 crore.
  • The Kosi mega bridge is 1.9 km long.
  • The Kosi Rail Mahasetu bridge is located on the Nirmali-Saraigarh section of the ECR’s Samastipur division.
  • The dedication of the mega-bridge is a watershed moment in the history of Bihar and the entire region connecting to the North East. It is of strategic importance along the India-Nepal border. The Kosi Mega Bridge cuts an otherwise 300-kilometre long journey between Samastipur and Jaynagar on Indo-Nepal border to just 22 km.

DECG Scope –

DECG International supplied a large number of Spherical Bearing and Rocker Roller Bearing

Key Data –


Spherical Bearing and Rocker Roller Bearing




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