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Pin Bearing Manufacturer In IndiaPin bearing consists of a metal pin attached to a metal cylinder to bear and resist horizontal force along with all directions on the vertical plane and facilitate rotation movements about any Horizontal axis. The pin bearing does not bear or transmit any translational motion.


Pin bearings are not structurally complex and do not resists any vertical loads. It is one of the most common fixed bearings used in bridges.

Specifications of Pin Bearing

The upper plate of the bearing is either bolted or welded with the soleplate and the lower curved plate is attached to the masonry plate. The pin is connected to the adjacent structure with the help of backing plates and studs welded on it for the smooth transfer of horizontal force from the superstructure to the substructure.

Pin bearings are very strong and can be resistant to corrosion if the steel is of high quality. Moreover, other factors that affect the effectiveness of a pin bearing in a bridge are the load, climate changes, and types of materials used.

Wrapping Up!

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