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The bridge expansion joint system is a traffic suitable bridge and road expansion joint which provides a primary watertight sealing and allow the movement caused due to temperature, traffic, settlements, etc. These bridge joints are designed to handle harsh environmental conditions and provide extensive mobility, low-temperature flexibility, and higher temperature stabilities compared to other solutions. Moreover, the non-evasive anchoring of bridge joints ensures quick turnarounds and repairs whenever needed. The bridge expansion joints prevent or decrease the maintenance cost of bridge bearing pads and other support structures.

Bridge Expansion Joints Manufacturer in India

DECG is one of the best bridge expansion joint manufacturers in India and provides high-quality solutions for all joint expansion issues. These expansion joints are ideal for new construction and can also be retrofitted into old or failed bridge expansion joints of existing metal angles. These joints are long-lasting and made of the highest quality metals to reduce corrosion and deterioration of the joints with time.

The system compromises a strip seal that is locked to the joint faces ensures that it is watertight and results in low-temperature flexibility.

Features of Bridge Expansion Joints

  • Watertight
  • Traffic durable
  • Pre compressed
  • Handles skewed joints and shear movements
  • Rapid installation
  • Non-invasive anchoring
  • Installation preserves traffic flow
  • Joint-face adhered
  • Suitable for curbs, sidewalks, and parapets


Important Things to Consider

When using concrete as a construction material, it is often important to consider some things for the bridges. Although concrete’s strength and weight load are important, another factor that influences the material and its longevity is the environment. Thermal cycles within an area must be taken under serious consideration before considering concrete as your building material. As seasons and weather change, the structure is likely to expand or contract with the change in temperatures. Sometimes, if overlooked, these expansions or contractions can lead to severe problems with a faulty expansion joint system.


The heating and cooling of a concrete bridge deck will cause expansion and contraction, respectively, continuously testing the tensile strength of the construction materials. One of the most common phenomena for this is cracking of the surface. When the expansion is restricted, the materials can be crushed or distorted, causing the concrete to undertake damage to its structural integrity. To prevent these failures, you need to install expansion joints that can allow the concrete to expand and contract freely without compromising the structure of the bridge.

Types of Expansion Joints

Joints prevent the passage of water and debris and are designed specifically for the size and movement properties of the joint. Followings are the types of joints depending on the movement at the site:

  • Asphalt plug joints
  • Finger joints
  • Strip seals
  • Compression seals
  • Reinforced elastomeric joints
  • Modular elastomeric joints

Each of these joints has a specific application method and set of compulsory parameters to ensure proper effectiveness. Proper sizing of the joint with an accurate assessment of the structure’s movements is essential to consider when selecting the appropriate type of joint for your bridge construction. Some other things to consider are substrate preparation, climate, manufacturer requirements, physical properties, and construction limitations of the joint material.

Wrapping Up!

DECG International is the best expansion joint manufacturer in India with a range of bridge and building expansion joints, bridge bearings, railway girders, etc. the company strives to provide the best quality of products for all large-scale constructions and ensure customized solutions that fit all client requirements. DECG International has a well-equipped infrastructure that ensures the best product manufacturing, which caters to all personalized needs. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to expand our business with several renowned companies like Tata, L&T, Ashoka Buildcon, JKumar, PNC, Gawar, SP Singla, NCC, Patel Infra, etc. and are approved by RDSO & MORTH for all types of Bridge bearings and expansion joints.

Reference Source: Chasecorp

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