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Strip Seal Expansion Joints

Correct procedure for the installation of Bridge Expansion Joints

Types Of Expansion Joints How Expansion Joints Manufacture Installation Procedure Of Strip Seal & Modular Expansion Joints Defects In Expansion Joints Precaution To Be Taken At Site During & After Installation Of Joints Type of Expansion Joint Movement (Not Gap) Popularity Buried Expansion joint Upto 10mm Only for small bridges Filler Expansion joint Upto 10mm


What is the purpose of bridge bearing

A bridge bearing is a part of a bridge which typically supply a resting surface between bridge piers and the bridge deck. The main purpose of a bridge bearing is to authorize controlled movement and accordingly reduce the stresses combine. Possible causes of movement are thermal expansion and contraction, creep, shrinkage, or fatigue due to

Building Expansion Joints

Use of expansion joint in building

Expansion joint is very essential in building to reduce the cracks because of thermal variation. Bureau of Indian standard fixed the some length of buildings above which the one or more expansion joint is required in building. An expansion joint is provided in concrete to authorize the movement of structural elements due to temperature, moisture

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