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Elastomeric Bearing Manufacturer in IndianAn elastomeric bridge bearing is commonly used in all modern bridge construction. There are several non-metallic bridge bearings that include Neoprene Bearing pads, Neoprene bridge bearings, laminated elastomeric bearings, and seismic isolators. These bearings are commonly known as Elastomeric pads in the construction industry.

Elastomeric Bearing Manufacturer in IndianThese pads are designed to withstand any vertical load and can accommodate horizontal rotation while facilitating translational movements. Elastomeric Bearings are an affordable solution for construction when building large span bridges or other large structures.

Besides providing the proper support for the bridges, Elastomeric Bearings are made from high-grade materials that absorb vibrations and prevent the deformation of the bearings. These functions of an Elastomeric Bearing make it one of the most reliable and affordable options for bridge bearings.

Features of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

DECG is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings in India. Here are some of the features of the Elastomeric bearings manufactured by DECG:

  • The elastomeric pads are made from the highest quality materials which are procured from reliable vendors.
  • The pads are checked for quality under several conditions and follow various parameters ensuring a long service life.
  • The elastomeric pads made by DECG are very affordable and can withstand loads and deformation in all directions in large-span bridges and buildings.

Application of Elastomeric Bearings

Laminated Elastomeric Bearings or Neoprene Bridge Bearings are easy to install compared to the other forms of bearings used for bridge-building. Moreover, elastomeric bearings demand zero handlings making it one of the first choices for bearings.

Unlike other bearings, neoprene rubber bearings experience no marked contractions at minimum temperatures providing an optimal performance during thermal contractions. These contractions are generally harmful to structures and bearings, but an elastomeric bearing can withstand the change and maintain its shape and structure.

Suitably shaped and precisely outlined bearings can provide the best service for over 15 years.

The elastomeric bearings allow a smooth and uniform transfer of load through the beams and frames that permits the beam to deflect the pressure when under load. They also permit rotational and translational movements that are induced by heat pressure on the bridges. Since there is no movement between the pad and the beam, the thermal contraction, and expansion assimilated by the pad is its ability to offer and take the heat and disperse it efficiently.

Benefits of Elastomeric Bearings

When using Elastomeric Bridge Bearings for a bridge deck, the materials are laminated and separated through steel supports. The complete bearing size and laminate thickness are adjusted as per the demand of the load on the bridge after construction. The bearing that has steel-plated for support should be compressed, vulcanized, or molded together as one unit. This ensures that the heat and the pressure from the bearings and the bridge are distributed evenly throughout the beam. Proper distribution of load on the bridge ensures that the joints are not damaged and a longer life span.

Testing Elastomeric Bearings

After manufacturing, DECG ensures that every Elastomeric bearing undergoes a complete set of quality checks and tests. The several trials that the Elastomeric bridge bearings undergo adhere to the IRC 83 PART II/UIC 772, Spec – EN-1337-3. Moreover, other tests include a compression trail of approximately 800 tons and a shear load of 150 tons that check for any damages for long and short durations in several levels.

Wrapping Up!

DECG International is one of the best Manufacturers of Elastomeric bearings in India. We have the best facilities and ensure the supply of the highest quality of bridge bearings, expansion joints, rebar couplers, and much more. We believe in customer satisfaction and strive to provide customized solutions according to customer demands making us the best supplier of construction components in India.

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